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Thank you for taking the time out to learn a little about the benefits and business opportunity presented to us by USI-Tech…

Ever wondered how people make serious amounts of money from Forex trading?

Ever fancied being a Forex trader yourself, but have no idea how or where to start?

Well, I am about to show you a way to get involved in this lucrative industry with absolutely NO experience whatsoever and the seriously good part is that it’s FULLY AUTOMATED!

USI-Tech offer an automated trading platform with a Multi Level Marketing compensation plan sat behind it – not unique I know, but when you understand how the matrix is funded you will see why this is an OPPORTUNITY NOT TO BE MISSED!

The Trading Platform

When you consider that most Major Banks and Financial Institutions spend millions of dollars each year developing software to trade the FX markets effectively and efficiently, you’ll see why this opportunity is such a big deal.  Previously, and for over 20 years, the owners of USI-Tech were helping the banks with this development process.   The banks however kept these fine tuned systems for their own benefit and helped only their VIP customers to reap the rewards, so typically the rich get richer – but NOW its our turn, thanks to USI–Tech!

For just €600 you can gain access to this VIP rated software platform and start to receive the benefits that previously you could only have dream of, and you only need as little as $1,000 in your broker account to start trading.  Previous to November 1st 2016, you could only take part in this program if you had a massive investment of €100,000.  But not anymore, in conjunction with a world leading Forex brokerage, USI-Tech have broken the chains and now allow a select few to join – but you can only join if you are invited… AND – now you have been!

So your only cost is for a one time licence fee of €600 and once you are set up, you can enjoy the same benefits as the existing VIP members do – and history of USI-Tech’s software has shown returns as high as 150%!


The Multi Level Marketing Business Model

How many times do we hear “this is the best opportunity & compensation plan in the market place”, only to find that the business fails to grow as people slowly drop out of the system.

We all know that most MLM systems are reliant on the members paying their monthly subscriptions and remaining qualified, BUT not with USI-Tech – this is totally different and here’s the really clever part; the matrix is completely non-reliant on members fuelling it with monthly subscription fees, because there aren’t any.  Instead the matrix is funded by the broker commissions charged on every single trade.

Once you have purchased this incredible VIP software, you only need to introduce 3 people to become fully qualified and receive lifetime commissions on a 3 x 3 matrix, 12 levels deep. And the best part – as your introducer, I will help you to find those 3 people!

Not only will you earn from the winning trades but you’ll also earn from the MLM side of the business, giving you a residual income that comes directly from the Broker fees.  You can even then use those commissions to build your FX account quicker – simple and easy!

So let’s take a brief look at the commissions on offer.  For introducing others you will earn from each & every sale – a MINIMUM of €120 per introduction, and in addition to that the broker shares their fees with us on every trade (this is where the REAL money is) – which funds the matrix!  In fact, there are 5 WAYS of earning with USI-Tech

The power of the unique matrix system can earn serious amounts of money each and every week.  Many members are already pulling in monthly sums that equal their annual earnings and when you consider that some have achieved this in just a few short weeks, you’ll want to be part of this amazing life changing opportunity!

I will even help you to build your team and provide you with new members, totally FOC as the retention rates in this business are 100% – what could be easier?!

This really is a ‘Business in a Box’ and anyone can do it!

Watch the video below and you’ll see how – the compensation plan is incredible, and remember this is not reliant on members paying any monthly subscription fees whatsoever!

After you’ve looked at the information, I would suggest a call so I can explain the finer details – I can help you get up & running within a matter of minutes.  You’ll even get a promo page like this one just for being a member of my team, TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE!

As the name suggests, positions in this system are limited and by invitation only – so grab your spot today and before it’s too late.

Speak soon.

Kind Regards,



P.S. A video showing results from existing members as of Feb 2017

Getting started…

The 3 things you need to get up & running:

  1. Register using the link here and buy your one off License for €600.
  1. Set up your broker account and fund it with a minimum of $1,000.
  1. Find 3 people to do the same.


Here are the required links:

Main signup link:

Broker Account link:

2Pay4you Payment Wallet:

Virtual Private Server (VPS):


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