Recommendations for Online Success

Recommendations for online success

Recommendations for Online Success

Whether you are starting out online or you are an old hand, one of the most important ways to be able to manage a growing team, or different capabilities within your team is to make sure you have a system that does the work for you.

I have tried and tested a fair number of systems in my time online and some of them worked well and others promised a lot and frankly did not deliver.

Once you have found the business that you want to promote, you need to find a way to promote it that you enjoy.

Here are some of the obvious ones-

Social media icons

Facebook – Facebook is the number three most visited websites on the planet and so it makes sense to have a personal page, a business page and to make use of the groups on there that relate to your niche.

Google – the number one website and a great place to advertise or be listed- they own Youtube, gmail and other sites, so having a presence on these will help you to be found in the search engines.

Youtube – number two most visited website on the planet. Linked to number one above, so a very good way of getting your message out to the world with short catchy videos, always linking back to your website or blog. People also like to buy from people they know, like and trust, so video allows people to get to know you before they go to your site, and this means that they are more likely to buy from you.

Pinterest – a very good place to share if you appeal to women with what you do- larger value sales are more likely from Pinterest than any other platform. It is a little know gem and you can drive traffic to your website or blog if you can come up with appealing photos, or videos.

Twitter– although Twitter is losing market place to other platforms currently, it is still a great place to connect with potential customers and other marketers.

LinkedIn – a great place to market yourself and your business, as most of the people on LI are business oriented and if you market to them in the right way, it can be a fabulous place to find partners or customers.

Above are all the places that it is good to have a presence, and begin to tell the world about what you do or are offering. Remember that it is social media- so be social. Strike up conversations and show a genuine interest in others, and in turn they may be interested in looking at what you do. Get good at hearing no, and move on. People have many reasons to say no- fear, it is the wrong time for them, they just lost some money or are not looking at the moment.

All of these reasons are why we build relationships up over time. Often someone will say “I have been watching you for a year” or something similar….

One of the best ways to build relationships is by collecting their emails and messaging them over time. Be educational, interesting, fun or helpful- they will only read your emails if they enjoy doing so and these days there are so many things that demand their time. If they consider you to be wasting time, they will not read your emails.

There are many ways you can keep it interesting- find videos from the top leaders and post them to inspire, write about your experience, or why you started if you are just starting out. Remember everyone had to start somewhere, even the people at the top. They probably have lots of stories of failing before they succeeded. My rule of thumb is always be honest, and always give value.

I use Aweber to manage my emails as I find them extremely user friendly and there are many tutorial videos as well as a very helpful staff. They are also very reasonable if you are just getting started.

Go here to take a look —>Set Up a Follow Up System to Build A Good Relationship with Your Contacts. 

Others prefer Get Response, which you can take a look at here –> Get Response 

I use for my domain names because it is easy to use and I have issues with the ethics of Godaddy but the choice is yours to take.

And then for Advertising, I use The Advert Platform for social media sharing and Get My Ads to earn some money and advertise on the major platforms.

And for truly passive income, I use USI tech with its trading software and the ability to earn many different ways, including the recently added Bitcoin product.

You will find many different things that you need to build an excellent income online, and your needs will change as your teams grow and you grow with them.

The essence is to learn how to be a leader if you want to build a team. Be reliable, approachable, consistent, and above all, helpful. Remember, you needed help in the beginning too!

What I offer is a strategy session so that we can work out what it is you need, and how we can get you there. Whether you need to pay off debts, pay off your mortgage or just want an extra stash of cash for Christmas, get in touch and we will put in place a strategy to get you there.

You can book a session here—> Book a Strategy Session

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