7 Ways to Effectively Build Your Team

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7 Ways to Effective Build Your Team

If you work online, one of the best ways to ensure that your income grows is to build a solid team. People buy from people and so the more you are approachable, fun to be around and helpful, the more likely people are going to want to join your team.

People respond to all sorts of different character traits, and most people respond to results. Being yourself is very important. I was told early on in my online experience that although it is a good idea to speak your truth and be honest, it is also a good idea not to discuss politics or religion as these are both areas that carry a lot of emotional attachment and it is too easy to offend people without meaning to, so best just to stay away from those topics altogether.

What is clear is that you will attract those people to you who know, like and trust you. Ways of improving your ability to be known, liked and trusted include video as they get a really good sense of you and personal contact. Be available, likeable and trustworthy in all that you do and you will build a strong team.

If you can show people that you are enthusiastic about your product or service, that you know what you are talking about and that you are willing to make time to help them, most people who are interested will probably want to know what you are doing online.

Effectively building a team is ensuring that whatever level they are starting at, they get the help they need to start, and then get pointed in the right direction to the next step or goal. It is said in business that your team will do what you do, so if you go out and recruit team members, your team will follow your example. If you help them and teach them how to grow, they will teach their team how to grow, which helps your business to build.

Team work Road to internet riches If you do not do this, neither will your team. People are attracted to action, so the best way to build your income is to take massive action.

7 Ways to Effectively Build Your Team

  1. Pick Up the Phone.  Most people who work online think that they will be able to hide behind the computer or the tablet, and not have to connect with anyone, but if they post, blog and tweet, people will find them and automatically join their team. Whilst this does happen sometimes, more often than not the most effective way to build your team is by talking to people – either face to face or on the phone or Skype. People buy from people, and most of the people in my team who are doing really well are ones that I spoke to and have a relationship with. Not all, it is true but the majority of the people who are active know me well.
  2. Make Videos. Anyone these days can make videos with their phones, tablets or cameras. I started online because someone I knew had made a 3 minute video saying what they were doing was easy, and I joined because of that. Videos help people to know, like and trust you. They also help you to sell the benefits of either working with you, or the products that you sell. A Youtube channel that has useful, entertaining or helpful videos on can really attract people to your team. Talk about how you help people, what you are offering, what your achievements are, your team, your goals, setting goals and more. One video a day will soon get you to 100 videos, which is when Youtube starts to promote them for you. 100 videos will also be easy to share across the social media channels, and therefore reach a larger audience.
  3. Write a Blog Post. Take the video you made in number two, and insert it into a blog post- talk about it and then promote the blog post. Or pick a subject that will help your team, or pick a question that your team asks all the time, and then write about it. You can then send your team to the blog post when they have that particular question that needs answering. Make it educational or fun and be consistent.
  4. Email Your List. Build a list by capturing people’s contact details, and then give them valuable information by email once a day, once a week or once a month, whatever suits you. Grow your list and provide them with reasons to join you, tell them how they will benefit if they join, and post your videos, links to your blog posts, and invitations to get in touch with you. If you don’t know what to write, follow other marketers, and find out what they write about. Listen to the questions your team are asking and make them into a video and email that out.
  5. Build a Network. A network of people who know like and trust you are more likely to refer people to you if they meet someone who is looking for what you offer, and they are also more likely to support you in a new venture. You already have a huge network if you went to school or college, have work colleagues, have hobbies outside of work, have a family, and friends down the pub. Most people have a network of about 200. Great networkers probably know up to 1000 movers and shakers and take actions every day to keep the network growing. 
  6. Place Adverts in A Variety of Places. A well written advert placed online or offline can bring new team members to you if you address what they are looking for in your advert. There are places online that you can advertise for free, and others where you need to pay. 
  7. Marketing Material. Cards, Posters, Leaflets, and Postcards all distributed around places where people gather- coffee shops, on notice boards, around car parks, door to door, etc. can really start to let people know what you do and who they can find you. Make the marketing material enticing and discuss the benefits of working with you and then distribute them everywhere.

However you choose to build your team, find a way that you like and keep doing it. Ask your sponsor to help you with new ideas, and if you join my teams, book a strategy session to work out how to best promote your offers.<br> Go here to book a session 

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