Wild Nettle Gardens
Healing with Nature's Bounty


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Wild Nettle Gardens - Growing Healthy Food Whilst Providing a Place to Come and Learn Good Life Skills

Wild Nettle Gardens

Healing With Nature's Bounty
What Does Wild Nettle Gardens Offer?

Wild Nettle Gardens is being set up as a Care Farm, and is joining the other 180 care farms in the UK. Care farms aim to offer the opportunity for those struggling with their lives to their emotions to spend some quality time on a working farm. The benefits of spending time in nature are well documented and our program aims to build the self -confidence, and self- esteem of those individuals in need of our services. There are plenty of jobs to do around the market garden, including harvesting, weeding, planting, watering, preparing the produce for market and more. We will always chat to the individual to see what they would like to do, as we aim to make their time on the farm as enjoyable as possible. Prospective care participants are invited to come and try us out for free for a morning or afternoon to see if they would like it. For more information, please get in touch via the Contact form.

  • Breathing Fresh Air and Hearing the Brids Sing

  • Helping You To Try New Experiences That Help You To Grow

  • Taking Part In Group Activities Is A Great Way to Find Out What You Can Offer

  • Sampling The Health Giving Produce & Relaxing In Nature

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We do work on a farm and so will answer your emails as soon as we are able. If you need a quick response, it may be better to call?